Travel Mobile Trends: conversion rates have grown 88% on mobile travel sites #Think With Google

4 Mobile Moments Changing the Consumer Journey

Travelers face a dizzying number of decisions in the process of planning a trip. Increasingly people are turning to their smartphones for immediate answers to their travel questions. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of marketing, shares how travel marketers can keep up with these new mobile behaviors.


Before you read this article, please think about my following Questions to you.

What is your experience with Mobile Travelling if you think about it……

  1. It is possible for you to go in Holiday without your Smartphone?
  2. Do you sometimes switch off , if you been together with your friends?
  3. Who deep is your relationship between your human partner and your „married“ Smartphone. Is there any kind of difference?
  4. Who often you check your Emails and social Networks. Every hour ore every minute?

A lot of Questions that we have to discuss and think about it, because our Human Capital, our Generation, our Kids and the „real“ relationships are involved anyway.

Here you can read more about it, what about Google think, due the Mobile Traveller and the impact in the Customer Journey.

Source: thinkwithgoogle




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